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On this very day, exactly 67 years ago, in a small town in Zanzibar, a very special baby was born. A baby that will forever change this world of ours. And the music world, also. Whose name will be forever engraved in history.
The one who changed the world.
A star, the best voice of rock, an icon, shine, a musical prostitute, a genius. A legend.
A man who, with his voice and his music, had inspired so many souls, including my own, maybe even saved someone’s life.  Don’t try suicide.
A man who was speci in every single way one can be.
A man who will live forever in hearts of people who can appreciate goog music, and who loved him as much as I do.
To someone it may seem weird, how I love a man who I’ll never meet, who died years before I was even born.
I can only say to them that he is still alive, in his music, and that way he will always stay in our hearts. When I listen to his calm, trener voice, I feel the same as he did, his pain or his joy and happiness, I see a smile on his face and I imagine him here, beside me.
To some it is weird,the way I start jumping in the middle of the street when one of his songs starts playing on my iPod. or when I smile from ear to ear when I enter the bus and hear his voice on the radio, but that’s simply the way he affects me. Something that puts me in a better mood momentarily, simply makes my day.
Just as he once said: “I won’t be a rock star. I’ll be a legend.” And he was.
Happy birthday, Freddie, you’ll always live in my heart. I love you. <3

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